Our Top 5 Cocktail Party Catering Hot & Cold Options

Our Top 5 Canapés & Substantial Items For Cocktail Party Catering

Canapés are the perfect addition to any cocktail party. These sweet and savoury bite-size treats are loved by all and look impressive.

If you’re hosting a cocktail party for your friends or colleagues, serving canapés on arrival is the perfect way to start your event. The best part is, you don’t need to put any effort into preparing and assembling them because THE RK GROUP takes care of this for you. We have a wide variety of sweet and savoury finger food that you can choose from. We also have a range of substantial items available, that will complement any occasion.

We have listed below our top 5 canapés and substantial items for cocktail events.

Top 5 hot canapés

Hot canapés are the first choice of cocktail parties. Our hot finger food items not only look stylish but are also full of flavour and go well with beverages. All thanks to our talented chefs!

1. Gyoza Style Vegetable Dumplings With Chilli & Caramel Dipping Sauce (V) (VE)

Impress your vegetarian and vegan guests with these amazing pan dumplings with a sweet and spicy sauce.

2. Vegetable, Pecorino And Thyme Risotto Cakes With Hot Apple Chutney (V) (G)

So much in a single bite. The hot apple chutney takes the deliciousness of these canapés to another level.

3. Chargrilled Chicken Skewers With Peri Peri, Served With Preserved Lemon Aioli (G)

Perfectly smokey chicken strips with peri-peri flavor that taste perfect with our lemon aioli.

4. Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls With Tomato Sauce 

An oldie but a goodie, that is full of flavour.

5. Panko Crusted Calamari With Lemon Mayo (G)

Perfectly crunchy and gluten-free seafood snacks to pass around.

Top 5 cold canapés

The best thing about cold canapés is that you don’t have to worry about heating them up. These cold canapés are super delicious and look very sophisticated.

1. Seasonal Vegetable And Mozzarella Frittata Topped With Caramelized Onion (V) (G)

The perfect vegetarian and gluten free appetiser.

2. Spiced Beetroot And Goats Cheese Tart, Topped With Toasted Walnuts And Fresh Thyme (V) (G)

A colourful & delicate vegetarian & gluten free canapé.

3. Spicy Pumpkin, Pine Nut & Marinated Chevre Tartlets (V) (G)

A delicious vegetarian treat, that is coeliac friendly.

4. Poached Chicken, Parsley & Mayo Sandwich Squares

A popular classic canapé.

5. Pepper Crusted Grass-fed Beef With Crispy Bread Wafer Topped With Watercress And Horseradish Cream 

A burst of different flavours at the same time. This canapé is a must-have at any cocktail party.


There is always room for sweets. Right? Our sweet canapés are the perfect way to finish off an event, guests can choose to have as little or as much as they desire.

1. Belgian Chocolate Mousse & Cherry Pavé Served With Vanilla Cream (G)

Amaze your guests with this chocolate heaven!

2. Passionfruit & Meringue Tartlet (G)

The perfect mix of sweet and tangy deliciousness.

3. Assorted Macaroons – Lemon, Strawberry Cream & Choc-Orange (G)

Colourful gluten-free macaroons that your guests will love.

4. Sticky Date Panna Cotta With Spiced Mascarpone Cream And Chocolate Honeycomb Chard 

Beautiful sticky date panna cotta topped with spiced mascarpone cream and honeycomb chard.

5. White Chocolate Lamington With Raspberry Curd 

A delightful twist on an Australian classic.

Top 5 Substantial Items

In addition to canapés, our very poplar substantial items are the perfect way to ensure your guests are full. Below are our top 5 mini-meals that guests can eat while standing and mingling.

1. Sticky Caramel Chicken Served With Pineapple Rice And Asian Greens (G)

2. Ricotta Gnocchi, Burst Cherry Tomatoes Topped With Parmesan And Basil Oil (V)

3. Bao Bun With Sticky Pork, Spicy Kimchi And Sriracha Sauce 

4. Sticky Beef Brisket, Beetroot Slaw, Piquillo And Guacamole Slider 

5. Classic panko crusted calamari, fries, lemon mayo (G)

Need help with catering for a cocktail party?

At THE RK GROUP, we offer a range of catering services including delivered home catering which is available via our online store Bakehouse and full cocktail style catering including wait staff and beverages.

If you’re in the middle of planning a cocktail party and need some help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We would be delighted to assist you with your upcoming event – contact us here.